For all ART related inquiries, please email:

I try to answer all emails that come to me, but it may take time.

Regarding tattoo requests: I am deeply humbled by all of the interest in my artwork as a tattoo design. I am not, however, a tattoo artist. I have a profound respect for those artists, but I couldn’t possibly take on the work. I d0, however, love to see photos of my work translated into this art form.

Rates and commissioned work:¬†Each collaborative work or commission that i take on i treat as a unique project. I do not have a one-size-fits-all pricing structure. Everyone i work with has a different budget, and a different set of circumstances. it’s as important ¬†that i can work with a young band on their demo cover as it is to be able to work with established artists, companies, and clients. Most importantly, i never start any project with a discussion of finances. i make art, most of the time for and with artists. I work with people who are inspiring, who i respect, and in whom i see potential. please don’t email me asking for a price quote. Send me your music, ideas and thoughts first.

As the years go on, I have found a place in the sales world with my prints. As with everything, there is a learning curve. When I started selling my prints, I sold them almost exclusively at shows, trying to achieve a personal connection with each individual. Keeping in that tradition, I maintain a small operation for the sale of my private collection. We cannot always make the same guarantees a larger retailer can. We do, though, try to include some personal touch with each order. You are ordering from me, and not from a computer.

Til the wheels fall off,